Lights, Camera, Action...

Date: Coming soon

Bugsy Malone, Batman, Catwoman, Night at the Museum...
Choose your movie, make the costume, and join in our "Parade of the Stars"
Make your very own Hollywood Star and place it in our "Walk of Fame"
Design and create a ballon-powered limo!! TIMETABLE OF WEEKEND EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS

10.00:  Doors open.Collect your Hollywood Challenge
10.30: Workshops open.  Choose from: Craft table - Vine St; Design table - Sunset Boulevard; Magnet table, - Hollywood Blvd.
10.45: “It’s a kinda magic” science show
11:.00: Battle of the Scientists
12.00: Balloon-powered limo races
1.30: “It’s a Kinda Magic” Science show
1.45: Battle of the Scientists
2.00: Hollywood Parade of the Stars
3.00: Grand Draw for winner of Hollywood Challenge
4.00: “It’s a Kinda Magic” Science show
4.15: Battle of the Scientists
6.00 Close

All times and shows are subject to change

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