SPECIAL TODDLER EVENT WEDNESDAY MARCH schools booked in, lots of character appearances and all our favourite toddler crafts and activites. 10am-4pm and off-peak prices apply. 

This March we're giving more of what you want every weekend...more science, more crafts and more of your favourite characters!!

We have new science demos to amaze, fascinate and entertain!! We'll be blowing bubbles, creating slime and giving everyone a buzz in our electricity workshops.  There'll be lots of Castaway activities including pirate and hula crafts, plaques and trinket boxes...and of course lots of favourite characters will be popping in including Goofy, Spongebob, Minions and Ninja turtles. There'll be several different characters appearing throughout the day every weekend.


Fun with bubbles including our new smoke bubble in the lab where we're making slime, bath bombs, bouncy balls and getting hands-on with electricity!!...and fun on our craft tables with our pirate and hula workshops, Spongebob bags,trinket boxes and magnets!!